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Strategic Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Adverts

"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time"

- Henry Ford



Fluence helps people use social media to quickly attract and retain customers. We’re a full service marketing agency providing end to end marketing services in all aspects of social media advertising, influencer management, advanced creative services and consulting. We also have a team of certified PPC experts that will help you with your pay per click advertising, so you can scale your business, capture more leads and make more money from your website.

Facebook Ads

Have you seen the effects of IOS 14 on your Ads? let us help. With our in house team we have developed a method and strategy that can resolve the deficiencies seen since the updates. 

Whether developing lead form or carousel Ads we have the skillsets and experience to create, implement and manage your Ads. 

Worry no more. Contact us now to learn more.

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Google Adwords

Find, create, and run your AdWords campaign.

Our team of Google Certified AdWords experts can help you find and create the best AdWords campaigns for your business.

Helping to save you time and money. 

Tik Tok Ads

Get connected immediately with a highly-engaged generation of consumers across all parts of the world by advertising on one of the newest social platforms in the market. 

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Linkedin Ads

Linkedin ads for business professionals around the world If you work in B2B, you need to be marketing on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Ads is a fantastic way to do this, allowing you to reach the right audience while keeping spend down with highly targeted ad campaigns. As a business professional, it can seem like LinkedIn is written in an entirely different language.


However, if you stay focused on a few key metrics, you can make sure that your ad campaign is more successful.

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